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The Hat Shop

Our pieces are made with different bridal needs in mind.

Yestadt has created bridal pieces for weddings of many different cultures. If you need a bridal piece for your wedding and don’t see the perfect thing on our store site, please email us (sales@yestadtmillinery.com) and we will customize the bridal piece of your dreams.

Below is a Guide on how to shop for your perfect bridal headpiece.


The birdcage brings a vintage feel. It gives you the option of covering just your eyes, your eyes and your nose, or your whole face.


For a wispy look that falls on your shoulders, this length is less formal. Perfect for the bride that simple more understated veil.


Popular during the post-war 1950s period, The Elbow veil floats atop your upper arms for a more casual alternative.


Most popular during the late 40's and early 50's, this finger length veil gives off the essence of a cape. This style was worn by Kate Middleton at the royal wedding.


Floor length with a train, this style is the most traditional. Formal and very flattering.

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