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That’s how u make a motherfckin hat! With hammers and cold steel

turnofthecentury: Two women boxing (via)

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suicideblonde: Titanic

suicideblonde: Happy Birthday Michael

turnofthecentury: mogadonia: Maria Germanovaghoulnextdoor: Holy shit! Here she is! Not quite the same photo, but it’s her! This is from The Blue Bird, (L’Oiseau bleu ), a 1908 play by Maurice Maeterlinck performed at the Moscow Art Theatre. Oh my goodness. I don’t know why, but it’s become really important to me that I find […]

owlforeigner: (via Elina opettelee salaa)

rgrjnr: How a sewing machine works  (gif source)

C love impromptu twitter custom hat and toys photoshoot

meepmeepmeep: Jacob Sutton

New York Mag best and worst of august (this is a best) thanks jane und Audrey

purple-diary: André and me, Hotel Ermitage, Saint Tropez. Photo Olivier Zahm

suicideblonde: think-animal: FFFFOUND!

turnofthecentury: Gustav and Emily Klimt,date and photographer unknown

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This is a picture of my dad on the subway in 1976…I wonder who took the picture

turnofthecentury: Nadar, Portrait de Paul Mounet, Paris 1880 (ca) via adski_kafeteri

turnofthecentury: cabinet card,USSR found/photographer unknown

bigfun: Jane Russell

Look book hat pile en route to Guhv-nuhs Island


unchienandalou: via

lookbookdotnu: I got stuck half the way down to Wonderland

suicideblonde: bohemea: Evan Rachel Wood by Todd Cole

ericlodwick: Will | The Fashionisto

trudymade: tumblingnoodle: (via attackedastoria) BEST SHATNER FACE EVAR. what about that hat???? beaver felt

The concrete realities of a mini hat factory

Interview With Molly Yestadt –

One of the two milliners whose designs we pulled for our Put A Lid On It photo shoot was Molly Yestadt of Yestadt Millinery. The New York designer, whom this editor met during her NYU days, walks to the beat of her own drummer. From our late teen years to now we’ve always admired Yestadt’s […]

suicideblonde: Brigitte Bardot

People got very serious about the whole top hat vs bowler debate. This man fought on the top hat side