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Snapshop Cloche

Oh Peter Rabbit! now available at Anthro!

Molly interview for Dossier Magazines Blog. BIG UP creative mastermind Sarah Ivory

catherine baba

so much fun. Stephen Jones for Galliano

Dossier in Conversation with Molly Yestadt

Sarah Ivory: Molly, how did you get into hat making while you were designing shoes at Steve Madden? Molly Yestadt: Well, I have a Millinery degree from FIT, and I am not sure what exactly interested me about it but…this is going to sound a little cheesy. Sarah: I love cheese. Molly: Well, my mom […]

turnofthecentury: liquidnight:The McDewell Family, double-exposed, 1905 From As We Were: American Photographic Postcards 1905-1930 by Rosamond B. Vaule

theimpossiblecool: Deneuve.

from Womens Wear Daily

suicideblonde: Martin Munkacsi

turnofthecentury: billyjane:obscure find of the day:Puppet player @Early Visual Media

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Hats for sale! Cloches available at Anthropology online

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This little cap didn’t make it past sampling, but is pretty dope on Lyle! vogueadventure: Dan, Zach, and Me (via Red)

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turnofthecentury: Charles Chaplin (explosion sound effect)

purple-diary: Irving Penn, June 16th 1917 to October 7th 2009 Jeune Fille avec du tabac sur la langue in Vogue, April 1st 1950.

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moderation: ckck: Pablo Picasso, photographed by Irving Penn who passed away today at age 92. Go here to see a gallery of his work.

bigfun: ak47: taizooo: suddenly: The Invisible Man (street clothes) (via 8 Skeins of Danger)

purple-diary: One look from the Hussein Chalayan Spring/Summer 2010 show. Photo Olivier Zahm More pictures to come

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all of the ladies came over and decided to have brunch on the couch.

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