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turnofthecentury: Nineteenth Century Photo relief of the garden of the Moulin Rouge, 1898 via TATE

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holla at our girl photo by samantha west

turnofthecentury: Dandy chick via Turn of the century

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trudymade: herrmachine: eyeballmansion: (via the3rd) Oh my, yes. wiggin on this

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On the Street….Rue St. Honoré, Paris

bigfun: John Phillips – Leonor Fini

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bigfun: Loomis Dean – Actress Brigitte Bardot in costume, on location during filming of “Lady and the Puppet Spain, 1957.

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turnofthecentury: i12bent:Today’s composers: Giacomo Puccini, b. Dec. 22, 1858 (d. 1924), possibly the most popular opera composer in the world for most of the 20th C. G.P. did have an unfortunate tendency to kill off his female protagonists who willingly sacrifice all in the name of love – but the arias! Ah, the arias… Photo […]

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YM live at Henri Bendels

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