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borninflames: Crazy Dior kabuki daisies!  (via pussymoneyw33d, spinningbirdkick)

borninflames: Shawn Brackbill is one of my favorite fashion photographers and I will now post a bunch of his stuff. shawnbrackbill: Vena Cava A/W 2010 © Shawn Brackbill

Three turtles returning to sea

rroobbiinn: Time traveler spotted in old photo (via: Jake)

tulletulle: Alexander McQueen by Steven Klein in Vogue Paris YES

trudymade: regardless: modernpharaoh: (via figuremeout)

suicideblonde: bohemea: Inglourious Basterds

Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.

Cock your hat – angles are attitudes.Frank Sinatra (via theimpossiblecool)

Yo we only do Super Visors now

tulletulle: ghostparties: “lady grey” by tim walker for vogue italia march 2010 Tim Walker blast our face

(via murmurs)

steamclam: tulletulle: Miu Miu and CRAZY BIRD NEST HEADPIECE WANT

petervidani: (via richtong:tulletulle:vladimirnabokov:yohjiandrei) This blog is now things I want to hug.

On board with Karin Nelson

Women’s Wear Daily – Fall 2010 Acessories Trend: Head Games by Shoshanna Fischhoff

beautiful as ever 

peterkay: sissydudeomen2: happy easter, bitches!

suicideblonde: bohemea: David Bowie – Esquire Russia by Gavin Evans, April 2010

borninflames: aristobrat: fuckyeahmodels: Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue Korea Mmmkay, wearing a headdress and shoulder bling tomorrow.

trudymade: oprahhatparty: skeetshoot:quandojoe:morgannegative omggg

turnofthecentury: oldhollywood:1910’s-era movie theater etiquette Public Service Announcement (via altena archive)  A unique feature of early films was the projection of slides onto the screen while reels were being changed. The slides attempted to teach proper movie-going manners to those in attendance.