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peterberkman: putay: picapixels: disco_chair.jpg want this.


vogueadventure: theredhorseman: fuckyeahmodelhomme: catwalkchums: Rogier Bosschaart, Jonas Kesseler, and Lyle Lodwick | ph. Jimmy Fontaine

YO Syndey holla!

hit us up Australia peeps

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It’s official.

shawnbrackbill: BRAHMS www.brahmsband.com finishing up their tour later this week. © Shawn Brackbill Dammmnmmmmmmmmn

A New Home For Williamsburg’s Mad Hattresses: FROM STYLE.COM

maggieintumblrland: via lh3.ggpht.com Look out coming Summer 2023

We recently refurbished a small intimate space to use as a hat workshop. This is what the cleaning process looked like

Hats for Sale preview. I know its been a long time coming – but we’re just about finished with the watercolorouring. Next we need to shoot the paintings and then edit them. And after that? The world


  Alexander Fury: What do you like about wearing a hat? – Asked by Philip Treacy, London.Sunday May 30, 2010 12:34   Lady Gaga: It is a nice barrier. The bigger the better. The more interesting and outrageous the better. For me it keeps the devil away. I always like when I have a hat that’s big enough to […]

nocontext: mudwerks: vintagephoto: “Nuestra señora de las iguanas” by Graciela Iturbide, 1979 haha yoooo! were taking orders on iguana hats for Spring 2035

suicideblonde: McQueen is deadLong Live McQueen!

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louise nevelson

print explosion


Yo Brit! Stylin on ‘em

tulletulle: 1922 BOWS BOWS BOWS

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