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yokoo: Vogue Bambini  NUTS

maggieintumblrland: allcreatures: raincoaster: inothernews: LEERKAT   A meerkat uses Lee Whittam’s head to get a better view of the surrounding grassland at Jacks Camp in Botswana’s Kalahari Desert.  (Photo: Barcroft Media via the Telegraph)

Vogue UK December 08”Unbelievable Fashion” by Nick Knight

tulletulle: Venetia Scott

tulletulle: Dior by Nick Knight Stupid Wild

(via murmurs, milkchugger)

Lindsey Thornburg – Divine Decree (by crystal moselle) Some hats up in this. Holla@Crystal Moselle for putting it down

on the lindsey thornburg shoot styled by vanessa packer

Just how were livin now

austin + mergold: ‘A+M bowler’ for hat-itecture

meepmeepmeep: sistersoftheblackmoon

trudymade: teenagejesus: queencameltoe (via fuckyeahgracejones)

” And, the good news is, you don’t have to wait until December to score your own double-wide black hat. Yestadt Millinery, which just opened its first (by appointment only) storefront and workshop in Williamsburg”

“There’s “talk of a craze for black in Paris,” according to one headline (clearly a passion for black has proved a constant in this ever-shifting times), and also of a “coming fashion in hats” (coincidentally, we just featured Yestadt Millinery, a design duo making some seriously spectacular headgear).”

Slo Mo Sew Mo

Have you seen my friend Molly?

More from Gossip Girl in Paris

‘Hats 4 Sale’ weekend shooting

murmurs: folkvilja: currrzio: Coco Chanel by Horst P. Horst, 1934

Steamclam Lemonade yo@samanthawest

Blake Lively Gossip Girling it up with YM Milly in paris. FABOOSH! This is our “76 Trombones” hat that was birthed from the marriage of stardust and futuredust and has finally found a loving and receptive audience. Now only available in Japan at Deicy Boutique -thanks to superfan DirtyCakes Kliegtron for searching the gossy’s for […]

From a taxi in New York City last night. Submitted by D. Toberson, Yestadt Millinery affiliate member.

[Flash 10 is required to watch video.]