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polarave: Dixie Yestadt does a mean (we mean nice) guest list check-in.

this is really good

hard to say goodbye

if we were to have a contest and give away hat based prizes, would you be excited?

Yestadt Millinery Spring 2011 Collaborations VIIIIIDEEOOOO

Wonderland Magazing shout to Natasha Devereux!

Hats Meet Art at Yestadt Millinery’s Spring 2011 Presentation | NBC New York

Yestadt Millinery Spring 2011 – Runway Review – StyleList

Michael Arthur came by our presentation and made this MIND ERUPTING image for Vanity Fair

A Lot to Wrap Our Heads Around – DailyCandy

New Yorker Cover 9/20/10

polarave: Brion Isaacs and Eric Lodwick love each other almost as much as they love Yestadt Millinery’s SS11 collection…

L’ing the L – You didn’t even know how badly you needed a hat…

steamclam: Yestadt Millinery Gossip Girl Commercial (by steamclam)

Yestadt Millinery for Suzanne Rae Spring 2011 (

Yestadt Millinery for HONOR RTW Spring 2011 (

WHIT – Fashion Week – NYC  YM Collabo with WHITHolla@ Roberto Serrini for the video

Yestadt Milly Running Wild on season 4 premiere of Gossip Girl. Go watch that online somewhere

how many hats does everyone have?

Do you wear them? I have around 7 that I rotate periodically. Some are new but a lot of them arent

yo where everyone coming from? crazy new friends up in this ?

samanthawestphotography: Lyle Lodwick for Yestadt Millinery (© Samantha West) August 2010

steamclam: “CLIMB” – Exclusively for Contributing Editor . com Directed by Matt Kliegman Starring Lyle Lodwick

YM in Vogue Italia

coco solo. lookbooks comin soon. photo by Samantha West

Yestadt Millinery Spring Summer 2011 Collection Monday, Sept 13th