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laurencephilomene: ”To the ends of the earth” by Tim Walker for Vogue UK (August 2007)

borninflames: streetetiquette: Vintage Plaid & Stripes.  If he tips his hat at me I am gonna DIE. We’re all about moving forward -but if anyone wanted to revisit this look we strongly encourage it

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cross-stained: Linda Evangelista

Lillian Bassman “Blowing kiss, Barbara Mullen, 1958”

“Hats for Sale” A whimsical retelling of the classic “Caps for Sale” set in modern day Manhattan. Our young millinery heroine must navigate the mean streets of New York with a solitary mission to keep people lookin’ good. ————— With an exclusive ‘Cyber Monday’ sale Nov 29th, Yestadt Millinery is premiering a select grouping of styles perfect for the holidays. Check out the sale which runs through the end of the week at

Justus D poppin in Japantowne

theimpossiblecool: Welles. boss

via Carl Kleiner is a badass

Hats for Sale about to drop. Black monday its goin down

More from Annie Sullivan

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Mollyween (Maybe some NSFW in gallery)

hathathat: via Coming soon

Yikes stripes hat

“Day for night, night for day – there are no rules when it comes to hats.”

theimpossiblecool: Bardot.

steamclam: Noah and his children temp studio window

yokoo: Yokoo vs. Dunny 

Yestadt Millinery in Nylon Magazine “The America Issue” (We are holding down New York)

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