December 2010 archives

Happy New Years Yall

Ribbons galore… Becca Millers trip to Taipei

brittneecann: best girls in the biz. forever and always. missmodular: The Supremes arrive in style! I’m kind of living for this photo right now. (source: naturalbelle & ahsuyeah)

steamclam: Big Bun

joshwehle: jw

Yael Hat


Holiday buxx

Viviane Sassen

Irving Penn “Crescent Bicorne Hat”

ladygrunge: Some rare behind the scenes footage from Home Alone to brighten your shitty day.

a4rizm: Juergen Teller, Football or fashion, 2007,

Woody Allen by Irving Penn

Brendan Lynch “Untitled” (2009)

Two Neighbors meet up

This triggers something very special and unique in my heart. 


Are you in the NY area and wanna make hats? Must be super fun, focused, and in the NY area. Awesomeness and responsibility are important. holla@



Irving Penn

vogueadventure: William Lewis in Wonderland Magazine. 12/2010 thats what we’re talkin about

tulletulle: thereisnotime: suchaplaceasthis: He is just the cutest! (via birdwings) Alber Elbaz by Tim Walker. I have to find this issue somewhere in our house (I feel like it’s such a THING to not throw away New Yorkers?) and save this article.

Tex ‘Cousin-Jody’ Summey from a book on the Grand Ole Opry we found near a dumpster

yearoftheking: Joe Wisdom Styling By Kate Ross Photographer Keith Selby

carolineeee: Identical Eye: MIMI

montycantsin: Phyllis Galembo

spring Trimmzz